Drivelink deburrer TGE 2.0

The new Franzen drive link deburring device TGE 2.0 is the complement to make the sharpening and later use of chainsaw chains, harvester chains, etc. easier and safer. If the chains are deburred using the Franzen TGE 2.0 before the sharpening process on the Franzen SA 6 chain sharpener, this can contribute to an optimized sharpening result and prevent damage to the sword later on.

With the drive link deburring device TGE 2.0 all drive links of chainsaw and harvester chains can be deburred.


Drivelinks have to be deburred:

  • because precise clamping has to be ensured during the sharpening process
  • to make the chain run smoothly in the bar
  • to avoid damage to saw-bars
  • proven Franzen quality made in Germany




The chain is placed on the deflection roller between the special grinding wheel. Simply start the motor and slightly move the chain to deburr it correctly.

Download Product Information TGE 2.0


Racks for TGE-assembly and other tools

Rack No. 1: detached


Rack No. 2: wall/workbench assembly


An invincible Team

The Franzen drive link deburring device TGE is part of all new and refurbished SA 6 chain sharpening machines in a complete package.


Technical Data:

drivelink width: 1,1 bis 2,0 mm (optional 3,0 mm)
motor: 230 V / 50 Hz (others on inquiry)
dimensions: 220 x 280 x 250 mm
weight: 8,0 kg (18 lbs)