Conversion Kits & Extension Arms

Conversion kits for different kinds of chains

With an easy-to-install adaptor the automatic chain sharpener - The Franzen can sharpen saw mill chains (chipper chains and scratcher chains) and 3/4" scratcher chains.

The conversion kits work with every SA6 base model.

Franzen Maschinen offers conversion kits for the following chain types:

  • chipper chains 15 mm pitch
  • chipper chains 20 mm pitch
  • chipper chains 3/4"
  • scratcher chains 15 mm pitch
  • scratcher chains 20 mm pitch
  • Holtec-modified-carbide-tipped-chains
  • Mafell ZSX
  • Dolmar 2-flap chains

Information on conversion kits and extension arms

Extension arm for scratcher chains