Render Cleaning Units WE-Series

Render cleaning machines are an essential tool for industrial and professional use. A large variety of cleaning tasks can be solved professionally and effieciently. They are made of stainless steel and are designed to withstand daily use. Our Standardprogram is the base for every different machine, which can be individualized with many different components.

There are two different model lines:

We only sell the Render WE-Series!

Render WE 92 AM

Basic configuration/ -principle:

Every unit features a horizontally rotating, round cleaning basket and works with a so called  Spray-/ Circulationsystem, which can be used to clean almost any type of surface. The cleaning fluid is injested by a pump through a filter system and is sprayed on the parts via a three-dimensional nozzle tube system. The parts are equally cleaned from all sides due to the rotation of the cleaning basket. The procedure is suitable for the most common cleaning compounds. They are used in the closed loop of the machine until the cleaning efficiency is depleted. 

The procedure consists of the concurrence of different components:


  • Mechnical part: spray-/ circulation-procedure
  • Chemical part: the use of a suitable cleaning compound
  • Time: application concentration and -duration (every machine features a timer from 0-60 min.)
  • Temperature: the working temperature (every machine can reach temperatures of 95°C max.)