customer feedback Mike Bremner, New Zeeland

The RK1 is working well and doing 3 great things for us:
[1] it is stopping the workshop area from being contaminated with sawdust debris so less mess.
[2] The guys used to clean the saws with a solvent based wash and then blow them down with compressed air which lifted all the oily debris and ended up leaving a slippery surface on the concrete floor which was a slipping hazard.
[3] As the RK1 is so easy to use and effective more saws than ever are being cleaned prior to going into the Bio-Circle parts wash which means 2 more sub benefits
- The filter in the system don’t require cleaning as quickly as they don’t get blocked with excessive particles
- The Bio-Circle L Liquid and Bio-Circle Wash don’t have to process as many contaminants so the solution is more effective for longer
Kind regards,

Mike Bremner
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