Ultrasonic sound

Maximum Cleanliness in no time!!!


Ultrasonic cleaning is the cleaning process, which complies with today's standards of quality, efficiency and environmental sustainability. Ultrasonic waves create very little pressure blebs, which effectively remove the dirt, yet gentle.


Advantages of ultrasonic cleaning:

  • user friendly - easy set-up, easy to operate, service-free, requires no training
  • efficient - short cleaning time and only minimal use of cleaning liquid (about 2,5% cleaning liquid apart from water)
  • environmentally friendly - aqueous cleaning with highly concentrated, biologically degradable special compounds
  • intensive, efficient, gentle - effective micro-cleaning, no damaging (f.e. no scratches) to cleaned parts, also perfect for complex parts


Ultrasonic cleaning is high-tech micro-cleaning which is used in different fields, f.e.:

  • in workshops (f.e. carburetor, fuel injectors, tools, chains, small parts)
  • in laboratories and process engineering
  • in human medicine (f.e. hospitals, medical tools (inkl. disinfection))
  • in veterinary medicine (f.e. medical tools (inkl. disinfection), tools)
  • opticians (f.e. glasses, small parts)
  • watch dealers and jewelry dealers (f.e. clockworks, small electronic parts)
  • industrial use
  • computer and tech-specialists (f.e. small elctronic parts, conductor boards, soldering frames)
  • fire brigades (f.e. breathing protection masks, tools)
  • shooting ranges/ police/ weapon stores (f.e. cleaning weapons)
  • private use (f.e. glasses, small parts, tools, instruments)

and many more!!!

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