Belt Grinder BS1000

Produktabbildung - Bandschleifer BS1000

The Franzen Belt Grinder  BS1000 ist a robust vertical-Belt Grinder.

The easy to use BS1000 is suitable for grinding and deburring all kinds of lawn mower blades and steel parts.

Now also for hedge-trimmer-blades!

Your advantages:

  • highly wear-resistant 4-fold pivotable steel-limit-plate
  • fast belt exchange by easy opening mechanisms
  • extremely rigid and low vibration during use
  • exhaust device applicable
  • optional magna-matic balancer available

customers from the US please order through:

Technical Data:

dimensions:21.65" x 24.8" x 59.1" (depth x width x height)
weight:110 kg (243 lbs)
motor: 2870 rpm; 2,2 kW
power supply:400 V/ 50 Hz (others on inquiry)